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General Litigation/Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense: 

Mr. Fousek aggressively defends foreclosure actions. Today's foreclosure actions, are usually caused through no fault of the homeowner. When the government says stay home, what can a homeowner do but stay home. The problem is that the moratorium program which the government put in place, hurts the home owner in the long run. This is because the payment is on hold, not forgiven or placed onto the back end of a loan. This is what should have been done. The only winners in the way the moratorium was set into place, is the banks. Because when it is lifted, all the payments come due at once and if the home owner could not pay them on a monthly basis, how can they be expected to pay all the payments at once? They can't and as always the banks win. Or office fights for our clients. Most attorneys wont tell the home owners the truth. The only real question is whether or not you paid. If you paid, then you win. If not, then the banks wins. Unless there is a legal defense (affirmative defense) for not paying. This is were our firm fights back against the banks. We try to push back against the banks with the homeowner's affirmative defenses and attempt to get the banks to enter into a settlement which will enable the homeowner to keep their home or to stay in it as long as possible.

Juvenile Criminal Law:
What Sets Us Apart from the Average Law Firm:
We dedicate ourselves to the vigorous representation of the accused. Our emphasis is to practice law the old fashioned way, by putting our clients first.
Keith A. Fousek, is a trial attorney who has spent considerable time in court on a daily basis and has successfully represented clients in the juvenile criminal courts. Mr. Fousek believes in an aggressive defense for all juveniles.
Corporate Law & Business Litigation:
The firm has counseled and advised clients in organizing new ventures in the corporate and partnership form, as well as in structuring of ventures in light of the contributions of their promoters and investors, and other considerations. We are also experienced in mergers and acquisitions.
What divorce is to family law, business litigation is to business law. Sometimes vicious, vindictive and almost aggravated, but rarely pleasant. Shareholder derivative actions, breach of shareholder agreements, partnership disputes, employee theft of assets, violation of non-competition agreements are only a few of the problems that beset a growing company.
In addition, our understanding of both intellectual property and employment law gives us the ability to for advise our "tech" clients on everything from trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights to employee confidentiality, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.
Generally, commercial litigation involves actions which are, in some way, related to matters which fall under the Uniform Commercial Code, adopted (with minor variations) throughout the United States. Most of these matters relate to article 2, trade and sales issues.
The Law Office of Keith A. Fousek, provides dedicated legal services in connection with business transactions, regulatory issues, and dispute resolution. Its attorney's experience ranges from Clients with restaurant chains, Pawn shops, Adult Website Producers, Property Managers, Construction Companies, Medical Services, Dry Cleaners and Digital Studios.
Mr. Fousek has advised clients on a wide range of business transactions, ranging from corporate litigation to mergers and acquisitions.
Technology Law:
The Law Offices of Keith A. Fousek, provides legal and technical counseling to emerging technology companies and to existing companies making the often difficult and intimidating transition into new technologies. Due to the complexity of today's information highway, companies need legal advise more than ever. Mr. Fousek provides counseling and advise to tech clients on the understanding of the law impacting computers, networking and the internet.
Our use and commitment to technology allows us the ability to advise and counsel clients through the difficult transition into the next millennium.
General Litigation:
Mr. Fousek advises and counsels clients in all types of general litigation matters.
The above is not legal advice. That can only come from a qualified attorney who is familiar with all the facts and circumstances of a particular, specific case and the relevant law. See Terms of Use on our home page.